Our goal is to see every woman plugged into an intimate relationship with God to be able to build homes and lives through the wisdom of God and see themselves as God sees them.          

Pastor Elizabeth does view each mail and every email that comes through to her. However; due to a number of weekly emails, she may not be able to respond to your mail or email immediately. You can contact her faster via facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Go to our contact us tab for more details.

As a matter of fact we do.  For details, please click on our Support us OR Become a partner tab on our home page.

To watch Pastor Elizabeth’s past messages online, please subscribe to our audio and video podcasts. To watch the podcasts, you would need to have iTunes installed on your personal computer or laptop. If you already have iTunes set up in your system, the podcasts will be automatically downloaded to your iTunes Podcast Library upon subscription. They can then be synced to your desired/designated device (mp3 player, iPhone, iPod, etc.). To view the video that is embedded on our website, you will need to have Adobe Flash player installed in your personal computer or laptop. Alternatively, you can also catch the latest episode of Pastor Elizabeth’s broadcast program on our website. New episodes will be updated weekly.

We have a range of complimentary materials by Pastor Elizabeth that is available online:

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  2. Current blogs on our website
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Sarahfolks International is offering summer internships for college students pursuing services in Pastoral ministries, music, and intercessory prayer. This will begin in summer 2018.  Check back for more information. 

Currently, we are located at Cavanaugh Place, 5401 51st Avenue North, Suite 436, Crystal, MN 55429

You may contact her through her email.  Also, check our calendar for upcoming events.


We look forward to meeting you, digitally and in person! If you need prayer or assistance, please contact us!