Happy New Year

We’ve all heard this even before we clocked in 2021, “Thank God 2020 is finally over.”
It is often accompanied by a deep sigh of relief.  With so many people still reeling from the
world of hurt that 2020 threw at them, many are agitatedly wondering what 2021 has in store for
them.  As a minister, I have been attentive to discussions about prophecies, global economies, health issues, governments, and relationships. 
It is understandable that people are fearful, anxious about 2021 becoming a repeat of the
year we just ended.  So, the question to be asked is: Are we sincere when we say, “Happy New Year.”  Or are we saying it out of courtesy?  And on the receiving end, do we absentmindedly respond to people when they say it to us because of what we are going or have been through? 

How do we deal with the baggage of last year?  We all want to be happy.  Bottom line:
how can I have a happy year without faking it?  The Bible has an answer for that.  ‘Therefore, He says: “Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light” - Ephesians 5:14.  What is the Bible really referring to when it says, “wake up? Arise from the Dead?’ It is telling us to not allow all the situations of the world to consume us to the point of killing our focus on the LORD. We must not neglect it.

 There are two directions in life.  You are either focusing on the LORD who is on the
Throne or you are embittered and focused on the problems and chaos in the world. Which
direction are you facing? Have you resolved to look up and see the LORD highly lifted up or are we looking down and see wickedness, confusion, and invariably death as alluded to in the verse above?

To avoid slipping into lethargy, spiritual slumber, and deadness, we must take the Word
of God seriously.  So how do I avoid this? What helps me to take the Word of God seriously,
especially when I don’t feel like it? Be intentional about setting aside the same time every day, a few minutes initially, to reading and meditating on the Word of God. This will open our lives to joy, wisdom, and contentment. And with time as we enjoy his presence, we will want and continue that much more time with him as the writer of Psalm 119: 111 and 130 does.

One more practical life-changing choice, one that has served me well is this: Keep a daily appointment with the LORD through Bible reading every day in 2021. But Elizabeth, how do I find time EVERY DAY to do this? Intentionally reduce the time on social media, watching the news, and self-pity. Then use that time for your daily appointment with the LORD.
This time is meant for listening AND SPEAKING to the LORD.   God is not a
newscaster. He wants you to also speak to Him, by praying, which is you talk as you normally would…to God.  Your DAILY MEDITATION IN THE WORD OF GOD IS YOUR DAILY
MEDICATION against fear, against darkness, and against the easiness you’ve carried from
2020. Then truly you will have a happy new year.

Written by : SarahFolks